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sunny 26 °C

It's now Monday evening- I arrived in Tonga on Thursday and have so far settled in well. It is a lot poorer here than I imagined and there's so many stray dogs around!!

I'm staying at Winnie's guest house- Winnie is about 80 and bakes cakes during the day then falls asleep in front in the TV in the evening. The TV is a luxury item in Tonga and I've been watching some random films like James and the giant peach!, Mrs Doubtfire, my super ex girlfriend!! Then Ally McBeal came on- very strange!!!!

I was due to start at the hospital today but it was a public holiday so got my first day off!! Means the same nerves all over again tomorrow!

Went to Pangaimotu, a different island on Saturday. It was really beautiful but I walked round it in half an hour and then there wasn't anything to do but read- so one book down already. Don't think I've got enough books with me!! And it was a bit overcast. But it was good to go adventuring.

Met Sharon a lovely Kiwi lady (It seems that all Kiwi people are lovely!!) and we decided to go over to a resort for a traditional Tongan feast on Sunday which we did. The food was interesting (sea cucumber yuk!, lots of fish, a roasting hog!!) but there was meant to be dancing but when we got there it was only on the week days so I felt a bit duped!! Never mind we decided to go and get coffee in the town- I was pretty sure that no buses or taxis work on a Sunday (Tonga is very religious) but Sharon was like "no no someone told me that they do blah blah" and I believed her (she was a bit older than me and I thought she'd be wiser!!) But of course we end up in town, everything is shut down, some local kids tell us that no taxi's run and so we're stranded!!

Anyway, we end up at the police station asking for a lift home!! ha ha so embarrassing!! I felt like a typical tourist! Never mind. Two nice policemen give us a lift home! It was nice to meet Sharon and I'll probably meet up with her in NZ.

Today I decided to hire a bike and see a bit of the island. Good in theory but Tonga is a lot bigger than I imagined!! Spent the morning getting lost and again asking the police for help- just directions this time!! and made it back on track to Houma- where the blow holes are! Absolutely amazing- took lots of video and pictures and hopefully I'll be able to upload them to here.

Then I found the beach (It was full of Tongan famillies enjoying the holiday- had a real happy buzz to it) and saw a few more sights on the way home. Was lovely weather today! Typical - I bet it'll be lovely weather during the week when I have to work and then it'll rain all weekend! Maybe that was just this week!!

After 6 hours of cycling around today I'm exhausted especially as it was hot but it's all helping my tan!!!

I'll update you all once I've done some work!!

Planning to go to one of the other islands for a week too so that could be a good experience- an even smaller hospital than this one and a good excuse to see another island!!

Lots of love

Faye XXX

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